Why now is the perfect time to invest in the Argyle Diamond Bond

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Whilst the overall performance of UK markets following the 2016 Brexit vote has been more positive than many had feared, it has still left many investors unsure where best to place their money. Three years on from the 2016 referendum, the eventual outcome of Brexit is still uncertain however we have already seen some of the impacts Brexit has had on investors, with many of them looking to diversify their portfolio by investing in low risk bonds and Non-EU stock, whilst others are even turning higher rate ISA’s. With this in mind, now has never been a better time to invest in the Argyle Diamond Bond.

Here at the Argyle Group we are offering investors the chance to earn up to 12% per annum by investing in our Argyle Diamond Bond. This bond is secured by rare and precious diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia and offers flexible terms of 3, 4 and 5 years. For investor’s looking to diversify their portfolio, bonds can provide an excellent alternative to stocks and shares helping to provide a hedge against the volatility of more risky investment options and earn a fixed income over a period of time.

Why is the Argyle Diamond Bond a good investment?

With the result of Brexit still uncertain, investors should look outside of the EU for potential investments in order to diversify their portfolio or look towards companies that are less likely to be affected by its outcome. The Argyle Mine from which our diamonds are sourced is situated in the Western Australia. It is the largest producer of coloured diamonds in the word and one of the only viable producers of pink diamonds. Currently the Argyle Mine is responsible for 90% of the world’s total pink diamond production and with no other mines even close to producing this kind of output within the foreseeable the future, the announcement that the Argyle Mine is scheduled to cease all operations by 2020 is potentially massive.

We have already seen the impact this news has had with pink diamonds appreciating in value by nearly 15% per annum over the last few years, and with the precious pink gem about to become one of the rarest stones in existence, their value is only likely to increase. For investor’s worried about the impacts of Brexit, the Argyle Bond is currently one of the safest and most secure options available. Not only are diamonds incredibly rare, they have also proven to hold their value over long periods of time, much like other precious commodities such as gold and silver. Diamonds are a finite resource that will always have a physical value unlike shares and stocks. This makes them a particularly attractive asset right now as their value is unlikely to be impacted by changes in the UK economic market. With gold and silver prices fluctuating dramatically over the last couple of years, diamonds are also a much less volatile investment choice right now.


There are many benefits of investing in Bonds, not only do they offer significant tax advantages to higher rate taxpayers due to holders being permitted to withdraw up to 5% of all gains and income earned from bond investments each year without incurring additional charges, but they also typically boast much higher rates of interest than other fixed income options such as standard rate ISAs. An added benefit of the Argyle Diamond Bond is that we also offer shorter investment options with terms of just 6-12 months, making the Argyle Bond a much more viable option in this uncertain economic climate.

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