The Argyle Group Set to Release Limited Edition Argyle Diamond Coins



We are offering collectors the chance to own one of the rarest and most precious stones on the planet…

Argyle Coins are a London based collectibles firm specialising in the creation of stunning collectors’ coins inset with Pink Argyle Diamonds from the Argyle mine. Our coins are aimed at serious numismatics and represent a golden opportunity to own an incredibly rare and highly sought-after Argyle Pink Diamond.

We are planning to release a collection of 5 limited edition coins engraved with exclusive British Heritage designs. These coins will be aimed specifically at UK collectors and will each feature iconic British landmarks such as Stonehenge and the Forth Bridge. Every coin in the series will be available in either silver or gold with the first coin to be released featuring an exclusive design of Canterbury Cathedral. Each coin will be inset with a genuine Pink Argyle Diamond and will come with a full argyle certification of authenticity.

Why pink diamonds?

Pink diamonds are one of the rarest and most beautiful stones on the planet, making them the perfect focal point for our coins. As you may be aware the Argyle mine is due to close in 2020. Currently it is the largest producer of pink diamonds in the world, responsible for over 90% of global production. We have over a decade of experience working in the coloured diamond industry and over the last few years we have carefully tracked the rise in value of these rare and precious stones. In the last decade Argyle Pink Diamonds have appreciated in value by between 10 and 20% per annum. As you can imagine this represents an incredible opportunity for collectors which is why we have been inspired to use them in our coins.

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