The Argyle Group Founder


Rav Dhillon is the founder and passionate driving force behind The Argyle Group.

Rav Dhillon started out as a rare gem broker at the age of 28 and quickly began to stand out from his peers, showing a forward thinking and inventive approach that helped elevate him within the industry.

In 2013 at the age of 31, he was inspired to start his own business after being encouraged by many of his clients to go it alone. The resulting company (Dhillon Prestige) went on to become an established name within the bespoke jewellery industry and quickly carved out a reputation for creating stunning individual pieces of jewellery embossed with rare gems.

For most people this would have been the end of the story but not for Dhillon. Whilst he had experienced a taste of success with Dhillon Prestige, he was not satisfied with being a single player in a big pool of fish and was keen to create a niche of his own within the rare gem industry. After several business trips where he learned about different diamond mines and how the stones were unearthed, he knew he needed to revise his business model.

In 2016 Rio Tinto announced their plans to close the famous Argyle Mine situated in Western Australia by the year 2020. The Argyle Mine is currently one of the world’s biggest producers of coloured diamonds and is responsible for over 90% of the world’s pink diamond supply.

After hearing about the mine’s announcement of its plans to cease operations, Dhillon knew he had stumbled on the perfect opportunity. Just a few months later The Argyle Group was born.

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