Red Diamonds; The Rarest of Them All

Red diamonds are the rarest of all coloured diamonds. Due to their extreme rarity, it is very hard to get an idea of their value per carat as so very few pure red diamonds, (those without any secondary hues) have been discovered. Pure red diamonds are so rare in fact, that throughout a 30-year period from 1957 to 1987 there was no mention at all of a GIA lab report issued for a red diamond with no secondary hues.  The largest red diamond in the world is named the Moussaieff Red. It was discovered in Brazil in the 1990s and weighs 5.11 carats.

Currently only around twenty to thirty true red diamonds are known to exist. Red diamonds with purple, brown or orange hues are slightly more common but are generally only found in small sizes. Nearly all of the red diamonds found today are sourced from the Argyle Mine in Western Australia. Last year, Rio Tinto, owners of the Argyle Mine unveiled the largest red diamond ever discovered from the mine. “The Argyle Everglow” is a stunning radiant cut diamond and weighs 2.11 carats.

Is time running out for the red diamond?

In 2020 the Argyle Mine is set to cease production for good. The mine currently produces over 90% of the world’s pink/red diamonds and its closure means that these rare and precious stones are likely to become incredibly scarce. Rio Tinto has been showcasing stones from its Argyle mine for more than 30 years and during that time, less than 20 carats of fancy Red certified diamonds have been sold. For investors this represents a huge opportunity. One we are hoping to capitalize on here at the Argyle Group by offering investors the chance to invest in our Argyle Bond. For more information please follow the link here.

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