Money Matters: so how do Argyle Bonds compare?

These days, everyone is cautious about their money. And quite rightly so, in the wake of several years of market depression and now Brexit, we’re all conditioned to be careful with our hard-earned cash.

It’s been the leanest of times of all for investors though. With bank interest rates at an all time low, where do Mr & Mrs Normal go to invest their savings and earn a decent return? Discounting the high risk ventures – which the average household is not going to feel safe enough to try – where do those of us who consider ourselves to be a Mr or Mrs Normal go to earn a decent rate of return on our money?

In April of last year, amid much fanfare and trumpet blowing, the UK Government launched its Investment Guaranteed Growth Bond (IGGB)…….to a wave of instant scorn and criticism. Offering a supposed ‘market leading’ 2.2% on investments between £100 and £3,000 at a fixed length three year period, critics were quick to jump on the obvious problems. An underwhelming interest rate, an amount capped at £3,000 that was quickly described as ‘meagre’ and no options on the term length led to most financial experts immediately dismissing the Government Bond as offering anything useful to the general public.

So with UK Government Bonds (more commonly known as ‘Gilts’) offering very little return on investment, more seasoned investors are turning to Corporate Bonds to offer a more generous return, but without straying too far into that ‘high risk venture’ playing field we’re all conditioned to avoid.

So instead of investing in the Government’s borrowing, you’re investing in the future of a company. Corporate bonds are often issued to fund a particular project or expansion, and can offer some exciting opportunities to investors.

Consider Argyle Bonds, a fairly new arrival to the Corporate Bonds family. Investments opportunities start from £5,000 upwards, and range from 3 to 5 years with fixed rates of returns from 6 – 8% p.a. That beats the current offerings from the High Street and the Government Bonds by quite some way, as well as offering considerably more flexibility in terms of timescales and returns.

For those of us who consider ourselves squarely in the ‘Mr & Mrs Normal’ camp of investors, we’re all looking for the same thing. A good rate of return, the opportunity to set the time limit and level of investment, safe in the knowledge that what we’re actually doing is investing in our own futures along the way. And if we’re helping a company with a project we believe in at the same time, even better.

Argyle Bonds current offer is almost certainly one of the most interesting available on the market – so if you have a little experience in investing, a little money currently underperforming, and a little time to spare to investigate the offer further, go to www.theargylegroup.co.uk and request an Argyle Bonds information pack. The rest is obviously down to you to decide, but you’ll be doing so with all the facts and figures right at your fingertips.

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