Blue Diamonds Attract Investors

Magical and Mysterious Blue Diamonds Attract Investors At Auction

Blue diamonds are among the rarest and most valuable shades of fancy coloured diamonds. Formed when traces of Boron are present in the stone, blue diamonds are one of the most stunning and sought after gemstones on the planet. According to a recent report from diamond research group Rapaport, Prices of fancy blue diamonds performed better in the second quarter of this year than the rest of the entire fancy-colour market combined and the FCRF’s Fancy Colour Diamond Index for blue diamonds rose 5.5% year on year. This has been fuelled by massive demand from markets in Asia as well as the growing scarcity of investment grade blue diamonds. Statistics from the Natural Colour Diamond Association, estimate that only one natural blue diamond can be found on the market for every 100 Picasso paintings up at auction, making them one of the rarest investments currently available.

In the last few years, blue diamonds have attracted media attention several times, most notably when breaking sales records at auction. In May 2016 the “Oppenheimer Blue: became the most expensive diamond ever sold (although it was later surpassed by the pink star diamond) selling for an incredible US$57.5Â million. The 14.62-carat stone is a stunning rectangle emerald cut and was the largest fancy vivid blue diamond classified by the Gemological Institute of America ever sold at auction. Not long before that, in November 2015 the “Blue Moon of Josephine” broke the record for highest price per carat when it sold for $48.4 million. The 12.03 carat stone was named after the buyer’s 7 year old daughter Josephine.

Blue Diamond Facts:

Researchers have shown that blue diamonds are better conductors of both heat and electricity than any other substance on Earth.

The Cullinan Mine in South Africa is currently the world’s primary source of blue diamonds

The most famous blue diamond is the “Hope Diamond”. A 45.52 carat Fancy Deep Grayish Blue diamond, it is said to be cursed due to the unfortunate fates suffered by many of it’s previous owners

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