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Since 1985 90% of the world’s production of Pink Diamonds are derived from the Argyle Diamond mined in Western Australia. The other 10% are predominantly from Africa, India and Brazil, with a small amount of Pink Purple deriving from Canada and Russia. All pink diamonds fall into two DNA classes, Type Ia and Type IIa. Australian Argyle Pink diamonds are predominantly Type Ia and all others are predominantly Type IIa.

According to extensive research by the GIA when considering purchasing a natural Pink Diamond, the best option is a rare Type Ia Pink Diamond from the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine; as these diamonds exhibit the unique qualities to look for in an investment. Together with their sporadic production demonstrates the premium that can be placed upon an Argyle Pink Diamond. The best colour and clarity grades to consider are Pink Rose (PR), Purplish Pink (PP) and Pink (P) (Argyle grades of 1 to 6 PR/PP/P), with clarity grades of I1 or better. When it comes to shape, a Traditional Fancy Cut will generally return a greater profit over a Round Brilliant (larger than 0.39ct) or Modified Fancy shape.

Over the past years (Dec 2005 – Jan 2018) Pink Diamonds in general (Type Ia and Type IIa) have increased in value on average by 362% (with a simple average growth of 27.8%). With the rare Type Ia Argyle Pink Diamonds exhibiting the most significant increases. They have considerably outperformed the Australian All Ordinaries and the Australian Property Market as a sound investment. With the Argyle Mine closing in 2020 and a limited future supply of this Rare commodity. Makes an Argyle Pink Diamond the ultimate “limited edition” tangible investment.

This is why investing with “The Argyle Group” is an essential part of buying the correct diamond. Being Australia’s leading Argyle diamond specialist with a track record of high returns. We are NOT brokers, but a direct agent for one of the world’s largest Argyle authorised partners. This assures you of the guaranteed highest quality and lowest price.

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