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Bonds are an attractive investment for several reasons. Not only do they come with less risk involved as you are guaranteed an agreed amount of money over a specified period of time, but they also tend to provide a much higher rate of returns than if you were to keep your money in a high yield savings account. There are many companies that offer corporate bonds at varying rates of interest but here at the Argyle Group we like to think we provide something totally unique. The key reason being that all of our bonds are secured by rare and precious gems sourced from the famous Argyle diamond mine. The mine is renowned for being the largest supplier of coloured diamonds throughout the world and is currently one of the only known sources of pink diamonds. With the Argyle Mine expected to shut in 2020, the value of Argyle pink diamonds has risen considerably over the last few years with the high performing gem appreciating by over 10% per annum over the last decade. It is this staggering price clime that has meant we are able to offer exceptional dividend rates with our Argyle Bonds. Currently there are 4 different options available to investors. For longer term investors we offer 3-year options, 4-year options and a 5-year option with dividends of 10-12% paid out quarterly. We now also offer a six-month bond which is perfect for first time investors who wish to dip their toe in the waters. This bond pays out two quarterly dividends at a rate of 5% and has proven extremely popular with new investors who are looking for relatively quick returns with very low risk involved. If you wish to find out more about our Argyle Bonds you can do so by heaving to our website at www.argylebonds.co.uk.

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