High street bank investment vs investing in the Argyle Group

In today’s uncertain economic climate in the wake of Brexit, many investors are looking away from high street banks and traditional investment options and instead looking to store their money in alternative investments. 

High street banks have come under heavy criticism for paying paltry interest rates for some time now. Current instant access rate accounts from the ten biggest high street banks currently range from between 0.2% and 0.4% AER, with the risk of rising inflation rates making them an unattractive option for many investors.  Fixed rate bond rates currently offered by many of the top banks also lag significantly behind non-high street bond options. TSB, who currently boast to offer the leading rate on the high street for fixed rate bonds, recently increased their rates for their two-year fixed bond from 0.8% to an uninspiring 1.25% which is still some way behind many non-high street bonds. So if you don’t fancy storing your money with High Street Banks what are the alternative options?

Corporate bonds are becoming increasingly popular with many investors who are looking for more generous returns without the additional risk that comes with many of the higher risk/higher return options. With corporate bonds you still get a fixed return, however you’re investing in the future of a company rather than in government lending. Whilst investing in a business comes with a certain amount of risk, many companies offer some form of protection plan with regards to their bond scheme and the additional protection against inflation provided by a higher rate of returns helps to offset much of the additional risk. 

The Argyle group are currently the only company in the UK offering corporate bonds secured by rare Argyle Diamonds from the Argyle Mine.  The Argyle Mine in Western Australia is one of the world’s biggest producers of coloured diamonds and only known source of pink diamonds. Due to the escalating costs of mining and dwindling resources, the Argyle Mine is scheduled to close in 2020. Consequently, prices for Argyle diamonds have soared over the last 10 years, increasing in value by over 10% per annum. It is because of their incredible performance that we are able to offer fixed interest rates of between 6 and 8% over 3 years with dividends paid out quarterly. 

For investors looking for an alternative to high street bonds and savings accounts, the Argyle fixed rate bond is an incredible opportunity. To a casual investor high-street banks can seem like the simplest, most hassle free option with banks traditionally offering a great deal of protection however, if you’re looking for an investment that offers a strong rate of return with the added security offered by Argyle pink diamonds, the Argyle bond is the perfect investment option. We offer a simple and secure investment process and our experienced team can help you through every stage of the investment. 

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