Coloured diamonds a standout investment opportunity?

Coloured diamonds are among the most valuable gemstones on the planet. Over the last two decades they have continued to appreciate in value year on year, and are now considered one of the stronger alternative investment options available to investors.

Coloured diamonds are highly valued for their beauty and rarity. Only one diamond for every 10,000 Â that are discovered is deemed to be a fancy coloured diamond. Due to their increasing scarcity and raising profile in the media, coloured diamonds are growing in popularity with investors seeking a new and exciting investment opportunity.

Several times over the last few years, record prices have been registered at auction for sales of coloured diamonds. Last year the “Pink Star” diamond become the world’s most expensive gemstone, selling at auction for $71.2 million (£57.3 million). The 59.60 carat stone is the largest cut pink diamond in existence and its colour rating, ‘Fancy Vivid’, is the highest possible grade on the scale used to assess coloured diamonds.

Whilst $71.2 million is a staggering sum for a coloured diamond, it is still not the highest price-per-carat ever registered for a coloured stone at auction. This record is currently held by the Blue Moon of Josephine, a 12.03-carat Fancy Vivid blue diamond which sold at Sotheby’s Geneva in November 2015 for $48 million: over $4 million per carat!

The future of the Argyle Mine and potential impacts of it’s closure

The Argyle Mine in Australia is currently the largest known source of coloured diamonds on the planet. It is responsible for over 90% of our total pink diamond production and it’s annual tender is among the most lucrative diamond sales in the world. Due to dwindling resources, the Argyle Mine is scheduled to close in 2020, which could signal the end of an era for pink diamonds. After 2020 these precious stones are likely to become almost impossible to get hold of on the open market, which is one of the reason demand for pink diamonds is growing at a staggering rate.

Below are four different charts showing both the current and predicted appreciation rates of coloured diamonds.

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