Argyle Group Launch HMRC EIS Investment Scheme


EIS Advance Assurance obtained from HMRC

Experience the benefits of investing in diamonds from as little as £5,000. With up to a 30% tax relief on your investment, this is the ideal opportunity for both new and experienced investors. EIS is a UK Government Tax Scheme, which is designed to encourage investment in certain types of projects by offering generous tax incentives and reliefs.


30% Initial Income Tax Relief
Actual net cash outlay 70 pence in the £1
CGT Freedom
No Capital Gains Tax to pay
CGT Deferral Relief
Potential unlimited and indefinite deferral of an existing CGT bill
Loss Relief
Maximum exposure 38.5 pence in the £1 for a 45% income tax payer
Inheritance Tax Relief
Potential 40 pence in the £1 saving

Inheritance Tax Relief

Any money invested in an EIS becomes 100% inheritance tax exempt after just two years, provided the investment is still held at the time of death.

Capital Gains Tax Free

If an investor disposes of their shares three or more years after the date of issue and the value of the EIS has increased, they will be exempt from capital gains tax on the profits when they are sold.

Downside Protection – Up to 45% Loss Relief

If investments are sold at a loss, EIS investors can obtain up to 45% loss relief on the amount invested and can choose whether to set their loss relief against other gains (made now or in the future), or against income tax owed for the current or previous tax year.

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