Argyle Coins To Expand Into Singapore

We are excited to announce that Argyle Coins will shortly be opening our first office in Asia, with plans now formalised to expand into Singapore next month. The main reason for this expansion overseas is the rising demand for diamond/gold based investments across parts of Asia and the Middle East.

In the words of our founder and CEO, Rav Dhillon; “Investors are flocking to take advantage of our Argyle pink diamond inlaid gold and silver coins,” “We are very excited about our recent growth and expect to extend offices to Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai within the next five years. This growth is all stemming from our office in London which has been our only location until present. We are pleased to be able to accommodate the growing demand for investments of our Argyle Coins”.

Argyle Coins specialise in creating both gold and silver coins that are inlaid with Argyle pink diamonds. The diamonds are sourced exclusively from the Argyle mine in remote Western Australia where more than 90% of the world’s pink diamonds hail from. Our unique embossed coins are popular among investors as pink diamonds are currently considered to be a “safe haven investment’ due to the imminent closure of the Argyle Mine in 2020.

The demand for coloured diamonds is ever growing. According to recent studies, Argyle pink diamonds and red diamonds are rising in popularity among investors and gold and silver coins embossed with coloured diamonds have soared in sales since Argyle Coins was established early in 2016.

Our coins come with a choice of pink, red, blue or yellow diamonds, all of which are sourced from the Argyle Mine. Argyle Coins is the exclusive holder to the rights of the mine that is set to close in 2020, thus the profit margin of the coveted coin is projected to continue to spike due to increasing demand.

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