The Argyle Group Security Policy

Our fixed return bond is the only bond available in the UK that’s fully backed and secured by Argyle Pink Diamonds…

We’ve been getting a lot of questions recently regarding whether there is any protection available for our Argyle Bonds so thought we’d take a brief minute to explain our security policy. Every time an investor purchases our bonds, we allocate a certain number of assets (Argyle Pink Diamonds) that add up to the total value of their investment. For example, if a client were to invest £100,000 then £100,000 worth of Argyle Pink Diamonds would be taken out and placed into a separate vault in the name of the client, ensuring their investment is both safe and secure. 

On completion of the contract being signed, the client will receive a separate letter and correspondence from a trustee revealing full details of the assets that have been placed in their name. Our assets and trustee division is handled by Rothschild who have over £5 million worth of Argyle Pink Diamonds placed with them. Clients are free to go and visit the vault and view their assets should they wish


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